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 Welcome to the keto bakery box meal prep service!

Please visit the Meal Prep, Family Meal & Food Items section

on our menu/pick up ordering tab to view the complete menu and

order your meals.   

Please note that INDIVIDUAL MEAL PREP meals

are only available for pick up on Sundays in Costa Mesa or on Mondays

in Placentia.  When ordering please choose either of these days for your

pick up day.  Thank you!

What are the benefits of ordering meal prep?

1.  We save you time and money.  Spend time doing the things you love instead of shopping, cooking and doing dishes.


2.  We provide you with clean, healthy meals which are convenient and take all the guesswork out.  


3.  You have control over your portion sizes.


4.  There is no excuse that you don't have time to cook, or don't know what to eat. 


5.  We heat up our kitchen so you don't need to heat up yours.


6.  All of our meals are made clean, natural ingredients which meet a strict ketogenic profile.


7. 100% gluten, grain and sugar free.  Our meals are diabetic and celiac friendly.


8.  Meals available in individual or family size.


9.  All meals are fully labeled with nutritional information, are freezable and there is no minimum or maximum to the number you may order each week.


10.  There is no commitment or subscription required.  






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